Thursday, 26 April 2012

Cecilia AHERN (2007), Ps. I love you, Hyperion Books
By Paula Antelo Pérez, 1º Bachillerato  B   EFL

This book is a romantic novel about Holly & Gerry. The main theme is love. The way a person who loves another is able to make the other feel happy, even when they find obstacles to overcome in life. Although you love a person in a way which sometimes hurts, and he or she dies or simply goes away, you must carry on and continue with your life. You should not hang on to something all your life. Forget the past and care about the future.

The part I liked the best was when Holly flies to Ireland to visit Gerry´s family, because in one of his letters, he told her to go there. She visits the place where they met fot the first time. Each feeling, each word they said and felt is described in detail. We are told how they loved each other and knew they belonged together since the first time they met.

I will recommned this book to everybody. I think it can be read by all age groups because it is so interesting and you can also learn many things by reading it. It is an incredible book, romantic, but at the same time funny and sad… You will enjoy it.

It is definitely worth reading it. It won’t be a waste of time or money. You can download it free at:

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