Monday, 23 April 2012

B COONEY Caroline (1993) A Night to Remember, Scholastic Publications
By Fatima Ahmed, 2º ESO A

Five friends have all been waiting for the same dance. All they can think about is what to wear, who to go with, romance, love etc. For some of them the night turns out to be a dream come true, like Cinderella. But unfortunately for others  the night is like a living hell. Some of them hope that that night lasts forever, but will the night change round for the rest?

My favourite part was when Beth’s aunt gave her her old prom dress. It was a beautiful reddish, pinkish dress that made her look and feel like a princess.

I’d recommend this book to 14-16 year olds because it talks about prom, girls, boys, relations with boys, etc.

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