Monday, 23 April 2012

WILSON, Jacqueline (2008) Girls under Pressure, Random house
By Fatima Ahmed 2 ESO A
Ellie is a normal girl. Not Gothic like her friend Nadine or tall and glamorous like her friend Magda. Just normal. Because her best friends are very skinny, she sees herself as very fat, maybe even overweight. So she decides to go on a diet. With her being so hungry of eating nothing all day and her friends bugging her with their problems, they all find it very hard. But an anorexic girl from her school who gets put in hospital makes her realize that she is perfect the way she is. That she is not fat and doesn’t have to starve herself to look good for other people. Her friends also resolve all their problems and there’s nothing like girls under pressure.
The part I liked the best was when Elli goes to hospital and realises she wasn’t fat but perfect.
I would recommend this book to girls aged 12+ so that if they have any problems they can solve them by just thinking a little.

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