Monday, 23 April 2012

SPARKS, Nicholas, (2007), A Walk to Remember, Little, Brown Book Group.
By Sylvia Maneiro, 2º ESO A
A walk to remember is a book about how 17 year-old Landon and Jaime fall in love. After being elected as the class president Landon needs to find a date to go to the school dance. He is turned down by all the girls he asks out, so as a last resource he asks Jamie Sullivan out and she accepts. Jamie then asks him to participate in the school play: The Christmas Angel and he decides to take part in the play. Jaime and Landon start to spend more time together and a few weeks later, Landon admits to Jaime he is in love with her. She then tells him she is dying from leukemia...
I found interesting the part when Landon forgets the lines of his script when he sees Jamie come out, and all he manages to say is that she was beautiful. Because he felt embarrassed to be seen with her and tried not to spend as much time with her, and in a second he forgets about all of this and lets his true feelings come out when he sees her.

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