Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Sunday, 13 June 2010

by Rodrigo Manzanera, 1 Bachillerato EFL
Crete, a Diary
by Carlos Hervás, 1 Bachillerato EFL


by Sara Finn-Rodríguez, 1 ESO A

My Favourite Singer, Avril Lavigne

by Lucía Sánchez-Real, 1 ESO A

by Laura Franco-Pinilla, 1 ESO A
My Favourite Singer, Mika
by Elena Prat-Ortillés, 1 ESO A
All about Pasta
by Yaiza Freire-Bernat, 1 ESO A
Medusa and Perseus
by Camilo Cañaveral-Alzate, 1 ESO A
The Art of Cooking around the World
Eliana Lale-Kahn, 1 ESO A
A Day to Remember
by Tania García, 1 ESO A
by Isabella Bruña & Lorena Pozo, 1 ESO A

Monday, 7 June 2010

Under Secrets

Poem by Oliva Barrio 1ºESO A

Under secrets

Under the sea,

I can see as well

As I read

Under the snow,

I feel the cold

Right in my nose

Under the table,

I feel able

To plug in the cable

Under my umbrella,

I see a young `fella´

Who in fact is a seller

Under the seat,

I take a sip

Of coco and a lemon drip

Next to the radiator,

I say good bye

To my friend the exterminator

Spring & Summer

Poem by Daniel Añón, 1 ESO A


Daffodils flower,

While Easter is near,

Cheers and for everyone,

Soon comes the summer breeze.


Nice and warm,

Vacations for all,

All papers torn,

Until September comes,

Unfortunately, back to school