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Eragon is a fifteen year old orphan who lives with his uncle and his family on the edge of the spine in Carvahall. But one day, he finds a mysterious silvery-blue rock and keeps it, not knowing that it would change his life for better and for worse.

Soon after finding it, he wakes up in the middle of the night after hearing strange noises. In that moment a dragon hatches out of the rock.

He had been chosen to be the next dragon rider. But would he choose to be good or evil?

I think this book is fantastic, so much so, that I am now reading the third book, and can’t wait for the fourth and final one in the cycle to be released. The book is well written, in the sense that nothing that shouldn’t be is left unexplained and the characters are fully developed, so much so that you can often predict their reactions.

I would recommend it to anyone around my age who is a good reader, or older, as it can be difficult to get into, at the beginning! It is fantasy fiction and also uses a lot of good vocabulary.

Blitz Street

by Cristina Campos

1º ESO A

The Suitcase Kid.
By Oliva Barrio 1 ESO A
WILSON, Jacqueline (2006), Corgi Yearling

It is about a girl that goes through a hard time, because her parents get divorced and she has to leave everything she loved. But at the end she manages to deal with it.

I really liked this book, because it shows how hard it must be to have your parents divorced.

And it also shows how the girl feels about everything .

Cinema Films

by Yaiza Freire Bernat

1º ESO A

by Camilo Cañaveral Alzate

1º ESO A

by Sara Finn Rodríguez

1º ESO A
Japan Part 2

by Inés Pineda

1º ESO A
My Shoe

A poem by Yaiza Freire Bernat

1º ESO A

Anne Frank

by Lorena Pozo Hurtado

1º ESO A
Jacqueline Wilson

by Cristina Campos

1º ESO A


by Isabela Bruña

1º ESO A

by Eliana Lale-Khan


Marshal Bruce Mathers III

by Oscar García Ruiz


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Gaiman, Neil (1990) Coraline Gay and Loud (ASCAP) By Yaiza Freire, 1 ESO A

It is about a girl called Coraline, her parents get captured

in another world by Coraline’s other evil Mother. Coraline must save her parents.

It was really good, I loved it, I just got scared of the evil mother. I recommend this

Book for people aged 11+ and I give it 4 stars.

Coca Cola
Presentation by Dani Añón 1º ESO A
Polluting, Polluting
Poem by Yaiza Freire 1º ESO A
Common room
Essay by Inés Pineda 1º ESO A
Michael Morpurg (1982) Egmont
War Horse By Yaiza Greire, 1 ESO A
It is about a boy whose dad gets a horse called Joey. The boy gets really attached to Joey. But one day Joey is sold to the army, to fight in war. I loved the book. It has a lot of tense bits and happy bits and sad bits, but I loved it and I recommend for people aged 7+ and I give it 4 half stars.
Presentation by Oliva Barrio 1º ESO A
Gulliver's Travels
Essay by Inés Pineda 1º ESO A
The Alien

Story by Oscar García Ruiz 1º ESO A

Do Aliens Exist?

by Inés Pineda 1º ESO A


Essay by Nuria Cuesta, 3º ESO B

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


DUNN, Sheila (1985) Strange Tales of Hampton Court.

Sheila Dunn is dating many stories, facts, etc. of Hampton Court Palace. Many of which are about executions and ghosts, making this book a Horror book. Be careful not to read it at night! Perhaps the ghost of Anne Boleyn might go to your bedroom.

Miranda and Shadow
by Yaiza Freire Bernat
1º ESO A

Monday, 12 July 2010

The Tree I Could See
by Yaiza Freire Bernat, 1º ESO A
by Adriana Lees, 2º ESO A

Oliva Barrio 1 ESO A

STILTON, Geronimo, (2003) The Secret of Cacklefur Castle, Edizioni Piemme, S.P.A, Italy.

It is about a mouse, that gets “ratnapped” by his friend, and takes him to a horror place. But at the end he likes it and everything turns out to be great.

I recommend this book, because it is really interesting, and has a lot of adventures. I also like the way that it describes every character very well.

Oliva Barrio 1 ESO A

CARROLL, LEWIS, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865), Puffin Books Ltd., London (36th ed. 1994)

This book is about a girl that follows a rabbit and suddenly falls down a hole. She then goes through a lot of situations and meets a lot of people. But in the end it was all just a dream.

I liked this book, because it is interesting , even though some parts of the book didn’t make much sense. I would rate it a two star **


Introducing Buddha. Graphic Guide (2009) 176 pages

This book Is a biography about Siddharta Gautama, known as Buddha (which means the illuminated) and all his thoughts and personal ideas, including his lessons to relax and meditate. I would recommend this book to people who like religion and Asian philosophy.

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