Monday, 23 April 2012

Patricia HIGHSMITH (1999), Strangers on a Train, Penguin Readers (2008) Level 4, B1 1700 Headwords.  
By Guillermo Momparler, 1º Bachillerato EFL

Strangers on a Train is a mystery novel with shades of a crime story. The main plot of the novel is the story of Guy Haines, who meets a strange man on a train and he starts to be pulled into a world of madness, lies and death about a few murders.

In my opinion the most exciting part of the book is the end of it when Guy confesses his culpability and after it he notices that the inspector was listening to all of what he said in the hotel room.

I would recommend this type of novel to teenagers or English students who are learning the language because it's a simplified text designed to help you learn English by reading, and it has an introduction and extensive activity material to work with it.

Alfred Hitchock’s Stangers on a Train Trailer:

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