Thursday, 26 April 2012

Daphne DU MAURIER, THE DREAM AND OTHER STORIES, Penguin Longman, level 4, B1 1700 headwords
By Paula Otero Santos, 1º Bachilerato B   EFL
There are six stories in this book: The Dream, The Blind Man, It Happened Near A Lake, The Ugly American and The Ugly Sarkhanese, Hilary’s Aunt and The Birds; but I am going to recommend The Blind Man because it’s the one that I liked the best.
‘The Blind Man’
Maurice was an old man who became blind when he was in the war in France. He returned to his house and he started a new life with his wife Elizabeth… and his blindness.
One day, Elizabeth invited her best friend, Bertie, to the house. Maurice did not like him, but he accepted. When Bertie came, he started to get to know Maurice and both of them realized that they could be good friends.
I would almost surely recommend this book for people between 13 and 18. The language is easy to understand if you have some idea of English. Also, the stories are not too long, so you do not feel tired of reading them and that is very important for the reader´s motivation because if you get tired of a book you start to hate it and leave it.

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