Thursday, 26 April 2012

Suzanne COLLINS (2008), The Hunger Games, Scholastic Press
By Pablo Manning Sánchez, 2º ESO A
The book I have chosen to write a book report about is the Hunger Games. It is a sci-fi adventure trilogy and has many themes which include love, friendship, and teamwork. The book is about the hunger games, which were created 74 years before the story begins. It all starts when the 13 districts rebel against the Capitol, the districts lose, and in the battle district 13 gets obliterated. The games consists of 1 male and 1 female picked from each district (24 in total), they are put in an arena and the objective is to stay alive: kill or be killed.
The part I most enjoyed was when Katnis, Peeta and Cato are the only contestants left and are fighting for victory, I like this part because there is a lot of tension, nerve racking and thrilling.
I would recommend this book to all ages and genders because the story is very interesting, exciting and it is very well written.

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