Friday, 4 May 2012

Sandra SHERWOOD, Channel to the future. Burlington, A2, 1200 Headwords
By José Ricardo Sáiz, 1º Bachillerato B, EFL

Jordan’s dad had brought a new TV but it had a fault in the key for Channel 4. One day Jordan wanted to watch his favourite program in Channel 4 but he found a football match which should be played the following day. Another day he was watching a concert on Channel 4, that was scheduled for one day after. The next day he watched the lottery draw of the following day. Another day, watching the news, he saw a gas explosion in a building. So, Jordan went to evacuate the building and he managed to save everybody. Jordan watched Channel 4 again and he saw that there was going to be a tsunami. He decided to go to the police and tell them everything. The police intervened and only few people were hurt. The next day Jordan’s dad changed the old remote control for a new one. Jordan looked for the old and found it: in number four the word FUTURE was written.

The part I liked the best was when Jordan has to catch the bus and go to Bramley, because he had seen, on Channel 4, that there would be an explosion in a building. He decided to go and evacuate everyone, and he managed to save everyone, so, nobody was hurt.

I recommend this book for children, between eight and fourteen years old, because it’s a fantasy book, and they would like to see the adventures that Jordan has to live because he sees the future.

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