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Geraldine McCaughrean (2000) Peter Pan in Scarlet

by Tania García Núñez, 2 ESO A

Geraldine McCaughrean has taken the normal Peter Pan story and she has written a new book in which Captain Hook is now eaten by the crocodile and Nederland is a horrible place where children have horrible dreams.

I think this has been a very interesting story because it’s not the same old book of Peter Pan, this book has more adventurous parts which makes it more exiting.

I would recommend this book for children 12 and up.

I would rate it 4 stars.

TOLKIEN, J.R.R. (2007, 70th anniversary edition) The Hobbit

by Liberty Knox, 2*ESO A

Bilbo was a happy hobbit, living in 'The Shire' when one day thirteen dwarves and one wizard showed up on his doorstep and whisked him off on an adventure to find treasure which had been stolen. While he was on his adventure he had to go through many dangerous trials and had to become a much stronger person.

I thought this book was quite exciting because it was full of action and very imaginative. I would recommend this book to children over the age of twelve because I found it quite difficult due to the large amount of characters it had, and also because I found the vocabulary quite difficult.

Nigerian Food
by Ines Pineda 2 ESO A
HOPKINS, Cathy (2009) Mates, Dates and the Secret Story, Picadilly Press.

by Oliva Barrio, 2 ESO A

The book is about a girl called " Lucy" who falls madly in love with this boy "Tony".

Tony turns out to be Lucy's best friend’s brother. Throughout the book they hang out together, and they have a relationship, but not that serious. Lucy's friends help her get closer to Tony.

I love this book, because it's really romantic, interesting and teaches a lot of what to do in life, and how to be. Not to be someone else, but be YOU.

More information:

by Tania Garcia
By Daniel Gallego, 2 ESO A, 2010-2011

The Secret Story

HOPKINS, Cathy (2009) Mates, Dates: The Secret Story

by Eliana Lale-Kahn, 2° ESO A

The Secret Story is about a 14 year old girl called Lucy and a boy called Tony. They are always on and off because of the age difference and cannot decide if it is right to be together...

This book is one of my favourite ones. It has romance, which is one of my favourite genres, makes a lot of things happen in little part of the book, and it is very well explained. I recommend it to girls from 12-15 years of age and I would rate it 5 stars.


GOODMAN, Elizabeth (2010) Lady Gaga, Extreme Style

by Camilo Cañaveral Alzate, 2 ESO A

Do you know Lady Gaga’s real name? Do you know where her artistic name comes from? Well… This book has all the answers. Do you like fashion? What are you waiting for to read this masterpiece! Welcome to Gaga’s World!, where everything is art, originality and, of course, fashion. The 143 pictures will help you understand what seems absurd at a first glance, but if you look closer you will find a whole life, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta’s life.

I love this book! The presentation suits the image in the page and it includes many facts and dialogues. The last page shows you how to dress like her. The pictures are quite big and the texts are sometimes short and expressive. Lizzy demonstrates her talent when writing about fashion. She uses formal vocabulary.

The Sorrows of Young Werther

GOETHE, The Sorrows of Young Werther

By Cristina Gutiérrez Aguilera, 2° Bachillerato EFL

The story is about a love triangle. The main character, Werther, told his history by means of letters which are destined to his best friend, Albert. Werther lives a horrible life since he met Lotte at a dance where he fell in love at first sight. The problem was that Lotte was engaged to Albert. He couldn’t put up with that situation and... (you must read it to find out).

I have enjoyed this book because it has been very easy to identify with feelings that any person may have. Although Lotte is a very cruel and bad person (because she knew perfectly that Werther was in love with her and yet she fed his impossible love), this story couldn’t have been written with success without her, for this reason I believe that the book should be called Charlotte.

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Oliva Barrio 2 ESO A

Mates, Dates and Diamond Destiny, by Cathy Hopkins (2009), Piccadilly Press, London

This book is about this girl called Nesta who has a big brother "Tony", who sometimes makes her life miserable, and her friends which are like BFF's (best friends forever).
The books shows how Nesta feels about people with cancer, who live poor, etc And she makes up for it by doing charity work and fundraising. At the end of the book she falls in love with "William", even though she says she hasn't. Then she kissed him and finally admits the truth of love.

Greek Mythology 2
by Cristina Campos, 2 ESO A

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Eragon is a fifteen year old orphan who lives with his uncle and his family on the edge of the spine in Carvahall. But one day, he finds a mysterious silvery-blue rock and keeps it, not knowing that it would change his life for better and for worse.

Soon after finding it, he wakes up in the middle of the night after hearing strange noises. In that moment a dragon hatches out of the rock.

He had been chosen to be the next dragon rider. But would he choose to be good or evil?

I think this book is fantastic, so much so, that I am now reading the third book, and can’t wait for the fourth and final one in the cycle to be released. The book is well written, in the sense that nothing that shouldn’t be is left unexplained and the characters are fully developed, so much so that you can often predict their reactions.

I would recommend it to anyone around my age who is a good reader, or older, as it can be difficult to get into, at the beginning! It is fantasy fiction and also uses a lot of good vocabulary.

Blitz Street

by Cristina Campos

1º ESO A

The Suitcase Kid.
By Oliva Barrio 1 ESO A
WILSON, Jacqueline (2006), Corgi Yearling

It is about a girl that goes through a hard time, because her parents get divorced and she has to leave everything she loved. But at the end she manages to deal with it.

I really liked this book, because it shows how hard it must be to have your parents divorced.

And it also shows how the girl feels about everything .

Cinema Films

by Yaiza Freire Bernat

1º ESO A

by Camilo Cañaveral Alzate

1º ESO A

by Sara Finn Rodríguez

1º ESO A
Japan Part 2

by Inés Pineda

1º ESO A
My Shoe

A poem by Yaiza Freire Bernat

1º ESO A

Anne Frank

by Lorena Pozo Hurtado

1º ESO A
Jacqueline Wilson

by Cristina Campos

1º ESO A


by Isabela Bruña

1º ESO A

by Eliana Lale-Khan


Marshal Bruce Mathers III

by Oscar García Ruiz


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Gaiman, Neil (1990) Coraline Gay and Loud (ASCAP) By Yaiza Freire, 1 ESO A

It is about a girl called Coraline, her parents get captured

in another world by Coraline’s other evil Mother. Coraline must save her parents.

It was really good, I loved it, I just got scared of the evil mother. I recommend this

Book for people aged 11+ and I give it 4 stars.

Coca Cola
Presentation by Dani Añón 1º ESO A
Polluting, Polluting
Poem by Yaiza Freire 1º ESO A
Common room
Essay by Inés Pineda 1º ESO A
Michael Morpurg (1982) Egmont
War Horse By Yaiza Greire, 1 ESO A
It is about a boy whose dad gets a horse called Joey. The boy gets really attached to Joey. But one day Joey is sold to the army, to fight in war. I loved the book. It has a lot of tense bits and happy bits and sad bits, but I loved it and I recommend for people aged 7+ and I give it 4 half stars.
Presentation by Oliva Barrio 1º ESO A
Gulliver's Travels
Essay by Inés Pineda 1º ESO A
The Alien

Story by Oscar García Ruiz 1º ESO A

Do Aliens Exist?

by Inés Pineda 1º ESO A


Essay by Nuria Cuesta, 3º ESO B

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DUNN, Sheila (1985) Strange Tales of Hampton Court.

Sheila Dunn is dating many stories, facts, etc. of Hampton Court Palace. Many of which are about executions and ghosts, making this book a Horror book. Be careful not to read it at night! Perhaps the ghost of Anne Boleyn might go to your bedroom.

Miranda and Shadow
by Yaiza Freire Bernat
1º ESO A

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The Tree I Could See
by Yaiza Freire Bernat, 1º ESO A
by Adriana Lees, 2º ESO A

Oliva Barrio 1 ESO A

STILTON, Geronimo, (2003) The Secret of Cacklefur Castle, Edizioni Piemme, S.P.A, Italy.

It is about a mouse, that gets “ratnapped” by his friend, and takes him to a horror place. But at the end he likes it and everything turns out to be great.

I recommend this book, because it is really interesting, and has a lot of adventures. I also like the way that it describes every character very well.

Oliva Barrio 1 ESO A

CARROLL, LEWIS, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865), Puffin Books Ltd., London (36th ed. 1994)

This book is about a girl that follows a rabbit and suddenly falls down a hole. She then goes through a lot of situations and meets a lot of people. But in the end it was all just a dream.

I liked this book, because it is interesting , even though some parts of the book didn’t make much sense. I would rate it a two star **


Introducing Buddha. Graphic Guide (2009) 176 pages

This book Is a biography about Siddharta Gautama, known as Buddha (which means the illuminated) and all his thoughts and personal ideas, including his lessons to relax and meditate. I would recommend this book to people who like religion and Asian philosophy.

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by Rodrigo Manzanera, 1 Bachillerato EFL
Crete, a Diary
by Carlos Hervás, 1 Bachillerato EFL


by Sara Finn-Rodríguez, 1 ESO A

My Favourite Singer, Avril Lavigne

by Lucía Sánchez-Real, 1 ESO A

by Laura Franco-Pinilla, 1 ESO A
My Favourite Singer, Mika
by Elena Prat-Ortillés, 1 ESO A
All about Pasta
by Yaiza Freire-Bernat, 1 ESO A
Medusa and Perseus
by Camilo Cañaveral-Alzate, 1 ESO A
The Art of Cooking around the World
Eliana Lale-Kahn, 1 ESO A
A Day to Remember
by Tania García, 1 ESO A
by Isabella Bruña & Lorena Pozo, 1 ESO A

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Under Secrets

Poem by Oliva Barrio 1ºESO A

Under secrets

Under the sea,

I can see as well

As I read

Under the snow,

I feel the cold

Right in my nose

Under the table,

I feel able

To plug in the cable

Under my umbrella,

I see a young `fella´

Who in fact is a seller

Under the seat,

I take a sip

Of coco and a lemon drip

Next to the radiator,

I say good bye

To my friend the exterminator

Spring & Summer

Poem by Daniel Añón, 1 ESO A


Daffodils flower,

While Easter is near,

Cheers and for everyone,

Soon comes the summer breeze.


Nice and warm,

Vacations for all,

All papers torn,

Until September comes,

Unfortunately, back to school

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ALMOND, David (1998) Skellig

Michael and his family are moving to a new house in Falconer Road. The garage is a dangerous place where an “angel” lives in dust and dirt. Michael and his new friend Mina will help this creature to survive. The angel will also cooperate with them healing Michael’s little sister. I would recommend this book to people who like fiction and drama.


NIX Garth, Abhorsen, (2005) HarperCollins (400 pages)

Lirael who has always been obsessed with her Clayr descendants (a clan of women that can see the future and in some cases the past), finds out she is the next Abhorsen in waiting as soon as she finds out she jumps headfirst into a big adventure with the disreputable dog, Mogget, and her nephew, using herClayr skills to help her.

This book is fantastic; the plot is fantastic and well balanced in a way that lets you relate yourself to the characters and feel shocked one moment and laughing in the next.

This book is really my kind of book it’s supernatural, it’s an adventure, and, a really good read.


The book is about a girl who was adopted and her adoptive parents won’t tell her anything about her past. Lauren (the girl) finds out that she might have been kidnapped and takes matters intoher own hands.

I like this book because it’s mysterious and adventurous. I recommend it to people that like action.

I recommend it to people over the age of 12.

I give this book five stars because I have enjoyed it the whole way through.


E. Lockhart. The Boyfriend List (2006)

This book is about a girl who goes to a shrink (psychiatrist) after her 6 month relationship failed, and is told to write down all the boys she has either fancied, went out with on a date or kissed, and her official boyfriends. She explains the story of each boy and what happened.

The book is very funny, witty and very interesting. It keeps you hooked and wanting to read more, which is very good, I would recommend this book to the ages of 13+

I would rate it a five star.