Monday, 9 April 2012

Thomas HARDY Far from de Madding Crowd (abridged ed. 2001), B1 1700 Headwords, Penguin Readers,                                       by Dahyna Marulanda, 4°ESO EFL
Bathsheba Everdene was a beautiful young woman. She had all in her life, she was very happy because she loved the place where she lived. And she continued happy when she knew that Gabriel, a farmer, loved her. He fell in love with her at first sight and he wanted to marry her. He had hopes because they were friends and that’s why he decided to talk with her. But Bathsheba did not love him and she said ‘no’ to him. That was very sad for Gabriel but he accepted it.
Another man fell in love with her, in this case a rich man: Boldwood. He did the same as Gabriel and like him, he got the same answer at first. Bathsheba was confused, she did not love him but finally she said ‘yes’ (maybe that was the best thing that she could do) and she married him. But a third man appeared in Bathsheba’s life...
It isn’t a difficult book in this abridged edition. However, I can only recommend it to older teenagers because of the plot and Batsheba’s indecision.

This book has been recommended before (see March posts)

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