Monday, 23 April 2012

Joseph CONRAD Heart of Darkness, Penguin Readers Level 5, B2, 2200 Headwords
by Daniel González, Fernández, 1º Bachillerato EFL
Marlow is a seaman who tells a story about his adventures in Africa years ago. He went from London to the Congo River to arrive at an ivory station and find a man called Kurtz. Kurtz was a crazy and racist person who died while he was on the ship fleeing from Africa.
I like the part of the story where Marlow arrives at the Belgian company. There, the importance of Belgium during that period is explained. I liked this book a lot because I'm interested in History. I didn't know anything about Joseph Conrad but I would want to read more of his books.
The story is a little bit hard because racism, madness and violence appear constantly. That is the reason why I would recommend this book to people older than me. For young people it may be difficult to understand the historic context, the causes, etc.

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