Monday, 23 April 2012

Vikas SWARUP, (2008) Slumdog Millionaire, Penguin Readers, level 5, B2 2300 Headwords
By Álvaro Conesa Vidagany, 2º Bachillerato B
Slumdog Millionaire is a book written by Vikas Swarup, an Indian Diplomat and novelist. The book became famous when, in 2008, it was made into a very successful and profitable film.
It is the story of Jamal Malik, a young man who has suffered from injustice all his life. He Jamal Malik was participating in a game show (Who wants to be a millionaire?) and was about to win the top prize when time ran out and production was stopped until the next day when he should answer the last question. When he left the building, he was arrested by the police and was accused of cheating. He was taken to the police station, where a policeman tortured him to find out if he had cheated, but Jamal Malik explained sincerely how he knew all the answers. The police officer trusted him and let him go. The next day, Jamal was back to the game show and he answered the last question correctly.
I would like to point out that one of the most interesting parts of the story is when Maman met Samil and Jamal, who were living in a wheelie bin, and persuaded them to go with him. He told them that he was the Director of an orphanage, but he was really a gangster who used poor children to beg for money. Maman is a clear example that appearances can be deceptive. This teaches me to realize that we can’t trust strangers, even if they look kind and friendly.
From my point of view, the intention of the author when he wrote this book was to provide a critical and in-depth look at Indian society and to try to show what is hidden from view. The book also gives a fascinating and detailed outlook of a third world child’s life.

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