Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Darcy BUSSELL (2008), Magic Ballerina Delphie and the Magic Ballet Shoes, HarperCollins.
                                  By Fatima Ahmed Martínez, 2º ESO
Delphie has always wanted to go to ballet school but her parents can’t afford it. A new ballet school opened on the same road as Delphie’s house. One day, the school teacher, Madame Za-Za, caught Delphie looking through the window of her dance studio. She offered to teach her for free and gave Delphie a pair of red ballet shoes and a ballet suit. At the end of her first class, one of the girls started to dance a part from the Nutcracker.
                When Delphie reached home and was about to go to bed, her ballet shoes began to sparkle. She put them on and in a few seconds she found herself in a theatre. She saw a fairy crying and walked towards her. The fairy told her that she was in a magical world named Enchantia. She also said that King Rat had captured the Nutcracker and had turned him into a toy, so none of the people from Enchantia could dance. Delphie and the fairy saved the Nutcracker and turned him back to into a human. Everybody in Enchantia could dance again and they couldn’t thank Delphie enough. The fairy told Delphie that she was going home soon and that every time there was a problem in Enchantia, she would be sent back. Delphie became very happy and returned home.
                       I would recommend this book to girls aged 10-12 because it’s about the art of ballet and magic.

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