Monday, 23 April 2012

Meg Cabot, 2004, Love You to Death and High Stakes, Macmillan
Stefanie De Freitas  2º ESO A
Susannah Simon is not a normal teenager: she has a gift, one which lets her contact the dead. Once she moves to a different State, due to family matters, and starts having problems with helping souls move on to next world. Then she meets Jesse, a ghost who happens to be stuck in her bedroom, he can’t move on, which means Susan has to help him, but their feelings take over the matter.

Susannah Simon is a 17 year old girl who happens to have an `unearthly’ gift, she’s a Mediator. This allows her to communicate with troubled souls. She doesn’t like to be told what to do, yet she tries her best for everything. Susannah has been hurt many times, therefore she puts barriers up and doubts people
Jesse is a gorgeous ghost. At the start of the book he seems mysterious, but throughout the story you se different sides to him.
The part that I enjoyed the most was when Susan saved a boy’s life after his ex-girlfriend’s ghost tried to murder him.
I would recommend this to any teenage girl who wants to read something different. This novel has a lot of mystery and romance to it, which makes it more interesting.

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  1. The Mediator is exciting misterious and crazy exactly the way i like it. The next book i cant wait to read im so exciting. I encourage others to read theis book as it is one os a kind.