Monday, 23 April 2012

Dick KING-SMITH (2007), The Water Horse  Galaxy
By Alejandro Baeza Maneiro, 2º ESO A
Angus and his sister Kristie found an egg near the sea. They got it and they put it in the bathtub. After a while they heard noises of splashing so they went to look and it was a water horse. The water horse started growing a lot and Angus couldn’t keep it a secret any more. So he had to tell everyone but he was scared of how people would react. At the end he told everyone and people were scared at the beginning but at the end they got used to it.
The part I liked best was when the egg hatched. I think it’s funny because Angus and Kristie were trying to hide the water horse.
I would recommend it because it’s an interesting book and if you don’t like reading there’s a film.

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