Saturday, 15 May 2010


ALMOND, David (1998) Skellig

Michael and his family are moving to a new house in Falconer Road. The garage is a dangerous place where an “angel” lives in dust and dirt. Michael and his new friend Mina will help this creature to survive. The angel will also cooperate with them healing Michael’s little sister. I would recommend this book to people who like fiction and drama.


NIX Garth, Abhorsen, (2005) HarperCollins (400 pages)

Lirael who has always been obsessed with her Clayr descendants (a clan of women that can see the future and in some cases the past), finds out she is the next Abhorsen in waiting as soon as she finds out she jumps headfirst into a big adventure with the disreputable dog, Mogget, and her nephew, using herClayr skills to help her.

This book is fantastic; the plot is fantastic and well balanced in a way that lets you relate yourself to the characters and feel shocked one moment and laughing in the next.

This book is really my kind of book it’s supernatural, it’s an adventure, and, a really good read.


The book is about a girl who was adopted and her adoptive parents won’t tell her anything about her past. Lauren (the girl) finds out that she might have been kidnapped and takes matters intoher own hands.

I like this book because it’s mysterious and adventurous. I recommend it to people that like action.

I recommend it to people over the age of 12.

I give this book five stars because I have enjoyed it the whole way through.


E. Lockhart. The Boyfriend List (2006)

This book is about a girl who goes to a shrink (psychiatrist) after her 6 month relationship failed, and is told to write down all the boys she has either fancied, went out with on a date or kissed, and her official boyfriends. She explains the story of each boy and what happened.

The book is very funny, witty and very interesting. It keeps you hooked and wanting to read more, which is very good, I would recommend this book to the ages of 13+

I would rate it a five star.


DE SANTIS, Pablo (2007), The Paris Enigma, HarperCollins (336 pages)

Santiago applies to be a detectives apprentice and it seems that he won’t be picked until mysteriously the detective’s favourite applicant is murdered. On seeing the applicant’s body the detective falls ill and asks him to go to a Paris representing him at a meeting of the world’s best detectives. But when he arrives there is a whole new mystery to be solved.

I felt that after reading this book I began to enjoy mystery books more than before.

The great thing about this book is that at times you have a chance to solve the clues and find out something before the detectives and it makes you feel frustrated (in a good way!)

So that you want to carry on and see what happens.

This book is really great!


THOMPSON, Kate, (2002) Creature of the Night Definitions (272 pages)

This book is about a fourteen year old boy who isn’t very well educated because he smokes, uses strong language and robs stuff. His mother makes him and his family move away from Dublin to the country-side and he is having a very boring time.

Soon after he finds out that a girl was murdered in the house that they are now living in and hears a whisper saying that that murderer was going to kill his family.

I liked this book because it was quite interesting and well written, I would recommend this book to people over the age of fourteen because it contained a lot of strong language.


BROWN, Jeff, (2003), Stanley Flat Again, Jeff Egmont Books Ltd. (96 pages)

This book is the last in the Flat Stanley series, which is about a boy called Stanley, and in every book something amazing

And I would say it is the funniest and best. It is about Stanley being flat again!! One morning Stanley wakes up but not as usual: he wakes up flat. Well I’m not going to say anything else, so then you can read it for yourselves.

I would recommend this book to over 7 year olds because of some of the vocabulary, I would also recommend this to people who like excitement and laughter in what they are reading and to people who are starting to learn or to speak English.



This book is about the time when the World War II started and how people reacted. Many children were evacuated to the countryside. When this boy reaches the countryside he is given to a man that doesn’t look very funny, in fact he looks quite serious.

I loved this book because it shows how things were when World War II started, and how people had to do many things. It also shows how they had to act.

I would rate it five stars.


The Wolves of Willouby Chase

by Joan Aiken Published (1962) Ltd

It is about a girl called Sylvia, who has to go to live with her cousin because her Gran is ill.

I absolutely loved it. It was a thrilling book.

I recommend for people aged 6+ to read it. I give it 5 stars.