Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pete JOHNSON (2008), Runaway Teacher , Barrington Stoke
By Daniel Maldonado Pérez, 1º Bachillerato B  EFL
The book is about a teenager called Scott and a friend of his called Martin. When they're at school they annoy teachers because they think teachers are boring. But everything changes when MT (Mark Thompson) arrives as a new teacher and the boys notice that he is different. MT treats his students as if they were mates and as if he was another boy. But little by little boys start to affect MT's life and have adventures with him, ignoring the Headmaster's rules, drinking alcohol and meeting MT's girlfriend. Boys are going to ruin MT's career as a teacher and as a person.

The best part is when Scott and Martin go to MT's house and they drink alcohol. Martin loses control and vomits in one MT's landlady's carpets. Then MT needs to solve the problem, and Scott and Martin go back to their homes. This part really impressed me and amazed me a lot because it's unusual that a teacher offer alcohol to his 14-year-old students

I recommend this book to teenagers because it's funny and entertaining to see a teacher behave like his students.

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