Monday, 23 April 2012

E. B. WHITE (2003), Charlotte’s Web, Puffin Books
By Paloma Vela Oromendía, 1º Bachillerato EFL

Wilbur was a runt pig that was saved from death thanks to Fern, his first owner. Fern's father wanted to kill the pig because of its size. But when Wilbur was getting bigger he had to be sold to Fern's uncle, who has a great barn. One day, Wilbur found out that he would be killed at Christmas time. His friend, the spider Charlotte, wanted to save him and she carried out a plan: spinning words in her web such as "SOME PIG", "TERRIFIC", "HUMBLE", etc. People started to think that Wilbur was a magic pig and he escaped from death. Unfortunately, Charlotte died because of her age.
The part that I've liked the best has been the last chapter, which tells that Wilbur continues growing healthy, surrounded by friends and Charlotte's children become his new friends.
I'd recommend this book to people who love animals, children and adults, because I have felt a lot of affection and tenderness for the characters.

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