Monday, 23 April 2012

Charles DICKENS, Oliver Twist, Penguin Readers Level 6, (1999) C1 3000 Headwords
By Javier García Navarro, 1º Bachillerato EFL
This story happens in England in the 1830s. Oliver is an orphan who was born in a workhouse. He spends 9 years there and then he is transferred to another one. Later he is sold to a family, and because the family mistreats him he runs away to London. There he meets Fargin, a thief chief, and turns to criminal life. Oliver escapes from criminal life when he meets Mr. Brownlow, a rich, clever man, but finally he is caught by Fargin again. One night, while they are out stealing, Oliver gets injured and, surprisingly, the family they were stealing from takes care of him. The Maylies family and Mr. Brownlow investigate about Oliver’s mother and family. Finally it is discovered that Monks, a mysterious man who is a thief, is Oliver’s brother and his mother had and adventure with Monks’ father. Monks tried to destroy the evidences that prove they are brothers but Mr. Brownlow discovered it anyway. In the end Monks has to share the inheritance and Oliver becomes Mr. Bronwlow adoptive son and they move to the countryside with the Maylies.
My favourite part of the book was when Mr. Brownlow caught Monks and interrogated him, he acted like a policeman. I liked it because all the mystery of Oliver’s past is released in that part, and so you can understand many things about the book, for example why Monks destroys Oliver mother’s box. 
I recommend this book to older teenagers because of the background of poverty, crime and prostitution. Also, the murder of Nancy, a young prostitute and thief, is not suitable for children.
This book has been recommended before. See July 2011

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