Friday, 6 April 2012

Richard CURTIS (1999), NOTTING HILL, adapted by Andy Hopkins (2008), Penguin Longman Readers, B1, 1700 Headwords
By Guillermo Momparler, 1 Bachillerato B, EFL
The book talks about the love story between a Londoner, humble, shy bookseller (William Thacker) and the most famous actress of the moment (American Anna Scott). The whole story takes place in the neighbourhood of Notting Hill, in London.
I like the part when William meets Anna at his bookshop, when they are both talking and a man tries to steal a book.

I recommend Notting Hill to people who feel comfortable reading love stories and those who know the area (such as the students in the Cañada Blanch), because you can go to visit the places that are described in the book after you have read  it.

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