Monday, 23 April 2012

MORPUGO Michael (2002) Mr. Skip, Collins
By Lara Lema Carracedo, 2º ESO A
The story is about Jackie, a humble girl that wasn’t very rich, just the opposite. She lived in a village where everyday there were horse races, which she really liked, but she didn’t have a horse. One day she asked her best friend, David, to lend her his horse. She competed in that day’s race and lost, but she didn’t mind. Another day she was passing near a rubbish skip and she found a gnome she later called Mr. Skip. Mr. Skip was magical, so he gave her a horse.
I really liked the part where Jackie tries to convince David to lend her his horse, because he is very indecisive and always had doubts.
I recommend this book to people 12 +

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