Sunday, 31 July 2011

Stephanie MEYER, Twilight

By Sara Finn Rodríguez, 2º ESO A

This book is from the series Twilight Saga. It’s the first book. The main character, Isabella Swan has moved to Forks, a small village, to live with her father while her mother goes on a trip with her boyfriend. At her new school she eventually makes new friends and after a while she gets to know a boy from her year, Edward Cullen. As she gets to know him even more, her life seems to get turned inside out. She falls madly in love with Edward and then discovers he is a vampire.

Twilight is for adolescents, as it is a sweet love story with a hint of mystery and action. It is set in a small village in America. The book makes it out to be a dull, grey place where not much goes on. I believe that’s the reason why the book makes Bella seem so depressed, as her old home town was sunny and hot and full of fun.

This book has been recommended before (see February posts)

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