Sunday, 31 July 2011

Anthony HOROWITZ Raven's Gate

By Marcos González, 2º ESO A.

Raven's Gate is the first book of the series The Power of Five, written by Anthony Horowitz, a Bristish novelist.

The beginning of the story is set in Ipswich then moves to Lesser Malling, a small village in Yorkshire. It is about a 14 year-old boy named Matthew Freeman whose parents died when he was 6 years old. From then on, he lived with his auntie who inherited the money that was due for Matt, but she spent it.

His life was miserable and he hanged around with the wrong people. He paid the price when he was caught stealing from a warehouse. He had two options: to go to juvenile prison or to be fostered by a woman in Yorkshire. He chose to go to Lesser Malling, but he soon realized it wasn't what he thought it was: it was the Headquarters for the Old Ones, a society that reigned in the world before humans took over. Although Matt was first unaware that he was special, he soon realised he was the only one who could stop the Old Ones..

I recommend this book to all teenagers

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