Saturday, 30 July 2011

Jack LONDON, White Fang A2, 600 headwords

By Sergio Gómez Sánchez-Crespo – 1º Bachillerato EFL

The story starts in Alaska’s forests. There are two men: Henry and Bill. They should arrive at a closed fort by dog’s sled. They are carrying common tools and the corpse of the lord who paid for the trip. But the journey is disturbed by a pack of hungry wolves which kill some of the team’s dogs every night. There is a main character, White Fang, a dog who makes the survival of the group possible.

I think this novel is quite good to make you learn how to work in a team and how important it is. I enjoyed the first part so much because of the action it contains and the fantastic characters that appear. The vocabulary is a bit old, but in the adaptation I read, it wasn’t too difficult. I would recommend this book to young readers who love action stories.

This book has been recommended before (See March posts)

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