Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lauren OLIVER, BEFORE I FALL, (1977, renewed)

By Alicia Pliego, 1º Bachillerato EFL

This book is very different from the other books I have read. It is very interesting because the plot and the themes are extravagant. The plot repeats the same day, the day of Samantha’s death, several times, until she gets to do something to avoid that moment when she dies and thus she can live as before.

It is a book of mystery and it shows the ambitious nature of a group of young people going to a party and the party ending badly, in an accident. It tells about all the opportunities that Sam has to stay alive, so it helps her to realize that all she had been doing was wrong. Another important theme is love, because there is a romance throughout the story between Samantha and a gullible guy.

I would recommend this book to teenagers and people who like different - and more original- stories. It is a fantastic book, really easy to read and understand! So I will rate it 4,5 stars.

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