Sunday, 31 July 2011

Robert Swindells, Brother in the Land, Oxford Childrens’ Modern Classics

By Marcos González, 2º ESO A

The book is about a boy called Danny that survives nuclear war. The story is set in a town called Skipley. Danny’s mum dies in the explosion that destroys the town. Danny and his family have plenty of food because his dad runs a shop, but other survivors don’t have enough food, so fights start.

The Local commissioner is an evil man who decides it is best to kill the injured. When this doesn’t work he poisons the food given to the old, injured and insane. One day the commissioner’s men kill Danny’s father by blowing up his truck. Danny and his brother decide to join The Masada resistance group.

I really liked this book. It was shocking and had a lot of action. It describes something that could happen in the event of a nuclear war. The commissioner was a character I really hated.

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