Sunday, 31 July 2011

Charles DICKENS, BLEAK HOUSE, Penguin Active Readers, B1, 1700 Headwords

by Alicia Pliego Mendieta, 1º Bachillerato EFL

Esther Summerson, abandoned at birth by her parents, is hosted by John Jarndyce, a sweet hearted gentleman, who has spent years suing somebody because of an inheritance. Esther lives in “Bleak House”, Jarndyce’s residence, from the time she was eighteen, along with Ada and Richard, John’s teenage cousins, orphaned and destitute because of the disputed inheritance. Jarndyce falls in love with Rebecca but she doesn’t with him. She is in love with another gentleman. When Jarndyce asks Rebecca to marry him, she doesn’t want to but she cannot say “no” because she is shy and she thinks about all the help Mr. Jarndyce has given her. Finally Mr.Jarndyce, who just wants the best for her, realizes that and he lets her marry - her true love. It is a sad story, with a happy ending, but it is sometimes difficult to understand. It is nice to see how Mr.Jarndyce can sometimes be so sweet and wish the best in life for Rebecca.

I would recommend it to 16+ and people who like reading emotional novels of love and drama. I will rate this book - 3 stars.

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