Thursday, 21 July 2011

Lewis CARROLL, Alice in Wonderland, By Álvaro Corral, 1º Bachillerato EFL

Alice was sitting in a tree next to her sister and she was very bored when, suddenly, a dressed up white rabbit appeared and entered into its warren. Alice decided to follow him just out of curiosity and she entered into its warren. It was very long and at the end, Alice arrived at a very absurd world, Wonderland, where, for example, there were animals that could speak, drinks that made you grow or shrink, etc. Suddenly, Alice woke up next to her sister and she realised that everything had been a dream.

The theme is the confusion that a child suffers when he/she tries to understand how adult people live. Even if we think that children don’t have an order in their lives, they do have, they live their way, and when they start behaving like adults, they feel disconcerted because they don’t understand the adults’ way of life. For a child, the adults’ world is like Wonderland for us. But Alice is growing up so throughout the books, little by little Alice learns to understand Wonderland; she is learning to understand the adult world.

I recommend this book for all ages because when you are a child you understand a childish adventure and when older people read it, they will see a lot of metaphors that make you think and reflect about a lot of things in life.

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