Sunday, 31 July 2011

Derek LANDY (2010), Skulduggery Pleasant, Mortal Coil, HarperCollins

By Inés Pineda, 2º ESO A

Skullduggery Pleasant, the only living skeleton and on top of that detective the world had ever come by, has had his assistant and best friend Valkyrie by his side for nearly three years now, but it seems she is keeping secrets from him and others... Where does she disappear to? Why does she always flinch when the name of the dark sorceress Darquess is mentioned?

Mortal Coil tells the story of a magical world kept secret from mortals, but how can it be kept secret with all these mishaps occurring?

Possibly, one of my favourite series. For me, it has the best combination of themes a book could have: FANTASTIC humour (Landy is definitely a master of humour) action, mystery and fantasy/sci-fi.

The thing I love the most is Valkyrie and Skullduggery’s relationship. I don’t think two best friends could possibly be better matched. Two characters with such amazing attitudes paired together as detective-partners in crime. Valkyries stubbornness makes a perfect combination with Skullduggery’s easy-going character and “cleverness”; their moods always contrast perfectly.

Another good point: the book is completely credible! It leaves no loose threads, and yes, the book’s contents includes a living skeleton who struts around making jokes and solving mysteries with the aid of magic and his 15 year-old partner in crime, but it’s written like it could really happen... it’s so easy to immerse yourself in this story!

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