Sunday, 31 July 2011

Philip Pullman, Northern Lights

By Daniel Gallego, 2º ESO A

In a universe where humans have daemons and the north is ruled by witches and armoured bears, Lyra, a young girl half wild half normal, will go on a journey which will have enormous consequences not only on her universe but in all the other universes.

Lyra lives in Jordan College (Oxford) surrounded by scholars. One day when her uncle, Lord Asriel, visits the College she sees the master of the College trying to poison her uncle so she stops her uncle from drinking his poisoned glass of wine. Soon after she meets Mrs Coulter, a smart young woman who takes Lyra in with a lot of kindness but Lyra soon realises that Mrs Coulter isn’t all she seems and leaves her and heads to the North where she meets Iorek Byrmisson, an Armoured Bear (Panserjebonne) and ...

I think this book is very good as it captures the attention of the reader because it’s full of adventure and deception. It is mostly centred in the feelings and doings of Lyra. It’s one of those books you can’t put down until you finish it.

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