Sunday, 31 July 2011

HOPKINS, Cathy (2011) Million Dollar Mates (Paparazzi Princess), Simon and Schuster.

Eliana Lale Kahn, 2° ESO A

This is the second book of the series Million Dollar Mates. It has the same main character, and there are a few new ones. Jess’s life in Porchester Park is not as bad as in the other book. Here she meets new people and makes new friends that belong to a completely different world (the world of rich people and no freedom). She realises the many types of worlds that people live in, the rich, the normal, the poor, and the homeless.

The theme is friendship and love and the genre is romantic novel

My favourite part was when Jess went to Tom’s party (the boy with the relationship), because it started off very romantic and dreamy and ended up being horrible, when suddenly a boy comes and pukes all over the wall next to them. Ewwwww!!! (NOT romantic).

I would recommend this book to girls 10 to 15, because it’s really girly and it’s all about friendship, boyfriends, shopping, etc. I would rate this book 3 stars.

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