Friday, 22 July 2011

Mark BOWDEN, Killing Pablo

By Iván Ramírez 2 ESO A

Killing Pablo talks about the effort of the United States government and the Colombian government to stop the most powerful criminal in history, Pablo Escobar.

The book starts off by explaining the situation in Colombia and the whole of South America. At the time Colombia had become one of the scariest places on Earth, with planes blowing up in midair and policemen and judges being murdered by Cartels. At the helm of it all was Pablo Escobar.

It then talks about how Pablo got into so much power.

After talking about his life, the book starts getting interesting with the Colombian government and the United States government getting together to plan the killing of Pablo. They tried various times to capture Pablo but he kept on escaping.

The book is full of action but it contains language and content that could confuse some younger children, so I would recommend it to an older audience.

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