Sunday, 13 March 2011

MUCHAMORE, Robert, Class A

by Iván Ramírez, 2º ESO A

Class A is the second book published by Robert Muchamore in his CHERUB series. It continues the story of James Adams, one of CHERUB’s agents. The book before Class A is The Recruit, which received more awards than Class A

Class A begins at CHERUB summer camp, where James and his fellow CHERUB agents are joining up for their summer training. They first have to go through a medical, which James fails miserably and has to be sent to an Emergency Fitness plan with Mr. Lange (fitness trainer), who assigns him to a 10km run every morning. Once James is fully fit, he is assigned to a very hard and important mission. His target was England’s biggest drug dealer, Keith Moore, who runs KMG (Keith Moore’s Gang). And then...

I would recommend this book to an older audience because it contains language and content that could confuse some children. The book is full of action and is funny at times, and there is also a bit of romance so if you like all of that, the book is perfect for you.

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