Thursday, 3 March 2011

DU MAURIER, Daphne, Rebecca , B2 2300 Headwords
Sara García-Navas Martín, 4º E.S.O. A

This book is a romantic suspense novel and it´s really incredible. I will recommend it for people who like suspense, because when you begin to read it you cannot stop.

This is the story of an 18 year old girl who meets a man 43 years old, Maxim de Winter. He decides to marry her.
Later on it raises questions about the death of Rebecca, his ex wife who died in an accident and Rebecca begins to suspect on the truthfulness of the official version.
When a ship crashes on the beaches of Manderley, divers found the boat in which Rebecca died, his body trapped inside.
Maxim becomes suspicious and reveals his role in the death of his wife.
He managed to escape a long prison sentence, but lost the respect from the community. During his trial, Mrs. Danvers tries hard to convince Mrs de Winter to commit suicide, and when she doesn’t, Mrs. Danvers sets fire to Manderley, which is completely destroyed.
The book ends on a sour note on the destruction of the house, but the family survives and is free to live their marriage in peace.


  1. ¡Me encantó esta novela y todavía recuerdo con un escalofrío la película (la antigua)!
    ¡Enhorabuena por el blog, me gusta mucho!

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