Saturday, 26 March 2011

McGIFFIN, Janet, MURDER BY ART, B2 2300 Headwords

Juan Galindo Moreno, 2° Bachillerato EFL

This book is a detective story about how Dr. Maxine and detective Grabowsky manage to find out and connect several crimes that took place in Milwaukee (USA), such as a death by poisoning, a gang shooting, the murder of a famous artist and a disappearance.

This is the stereotype of a detective novel that was literally ‘O.K.’ On the one hand the story is not realistic because it´s hard to explain how all the issues were finally sorted out so easily. There are too many coincidences and that´s a bit disappointing,

On the other hand I found this novel easy to read and amusing, so I recommend it to students who would like to improve their English in an entertaining way.

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