Saturday, 26 March 2011

DEWEY, Gram Gladiator, B1 1700 Headwords

Álvaro Conesa, 1° Bachillerato EFL

Maximus was a Roman general. He fought against the barbarians in Germany. He won the last battle and the barbarians were finally defeated. Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor, was proud of him and he promised him that he would be the next Roman emperor. Commodus, Marcus Aurelius’s son, was jealous and murdered his father. Then Commodus said that Maximus had committed the murder. Maximus became a prisoner and...

I think it’s an interesting book. It’s easy to read because the vocabulary isn’t too difficult and the main theme is easy to follow. There’s also a romantic part. The author describes Maximus’s feelings really well (especially when he is praying and thinking about his family and he doesn’t know that they are dead) and makes you almost cry. It’s important to say that it’s such an excellent book that David Franzoni and John Logan made a film of it and it won five Oscars. I would recommend it to people who are interested in adventure books and the History of the Roman Empire.

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