Sunday, 20 March 2011

LESSING, Doris, The Grass is Singing, B2, 2300 Headwords

Pablo Fernández, 1º Bachillerato EFL

Mary is a friendly and outgoing woman, until she marries Dick Turner, a poor white South African farmer. The farm is miles away from the city. She is bored, lonely and unhappy. The story shows how her feelings change from disappointment to madness and violence.

I personally like this book not only because it isn't difficult to read, but also because it talks about a murder. The book reflects the theme of the superiority of white people, issue that I find interesting and which made me think a lot. I still can't understand how white people could think they were superior to black people. The book also made me think about society and if there are still these thoughts. I recommend this book to everyone who's interested in the superiority of white people. So, I give this book three stars out of five.

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