Saturday, 26 March 2011

ANNE FRANK: Diary of a Young Girl

B1 1700 Headwords

Alicia Pliego Mendieta, 1° Bachillerato EFL

My opinion about the book is that it seems an injustice what Germans did with the Jews. The Jews are normal persons like us and like Germans, and got treated as animals, put in concentration camps with no sanitation, no food, and if they resisted, they were put in gas chambers...

However, I have liked like the book because most books have the testimony of the person who wins or survives, but in this story a little girl tells about the oppressed and the difficulties of the Jews’ life in the Second World War, when they lost and they were finally killed.

I have found the book easy to read, but sometimes monotonous and boring, especially the days when Anne tells the things they had eaten and how much money they had spent on food.

I would recommend this book to all ages.

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