Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Victor HUGO, Les Miserables, Penguin Readers, B2  2300 Headwords
By Andrea Sanjurjo, 1º Bachillerato B, EFL

This book tells the story of Jean Valjean, who was jailed when he was young because he had stolen a loaf of bread. He spends some years in prison and when he is freed he meets a bishop. His life changes when he buys a factory in the town and starts to get money. He falls in love with Cossette, Fantine´s daughter, and he decides to protect her from everybody while her mum is looking for a job in Paris (Cossette and Fantine are poor) . Jean thinks that since he is helping people to improve their lives he is much happier than when he was young. Jean gets into trouble for worrying about the life of his friends 
My favourite part is when Fantine dies. I'm not sadistic but I think that the effort that she was making to improve Cossette´s life and her own is really beautiful,
This is my last book report this year but I must say that it has been my favourite. The age that I recommend it is between fourteen and seventeen,  because there are parts in the book that are difficult to understand. After reading this book I have decided that I m going to see the musical and I expect it to be amazing

This book was recommended in 2011

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