Thursday, 26 July 2012

MCCULLEY (1919), The Mark of Zorro, Macmillan Readers, A2 1300 Headwords
By Patricia Maldonado, 1º Bachillerato B, EFL
It tells the story of Don Diego Vega, the outwatdly foppish son of a wealthy "ranchero", Don Alejandro, in the old Spanish California. Seeing the oppression of the Governor, he decides to take justice into his own hands and becomes “the Zorro”, protecting people in need, from the Governor's men. That's why people such as Captain Ramón, want to catch him.
But then Zorro meets Señorita Lolita, and they fall in love. However, her father, Don Carlos Pulido, wants her to get married to another man. At the same time, Sergeant Gonzales finds out the friendship between the Zorro and Fray Felipe, and later Captain Ramón discovers that the Zorro's father is Don Alejandro Vega, and blackmails him. Finally, Zorro and Captain Ramón fight and Zorro wins (obviously) and he gets the girl and freedom for all California.
The part I liked the best was when Zorro meets Señorita Lolita, talks with her and disappears riding his horse in the middle of the night. It was quite awesome the way he tried to impress her. I also like the parts when Captain Ramón gets bananas when he has news of Zorro, when Zorro actually mocks him or when his plans go wrong. Those are very funny moments.
I recommend this book to all ages. It's very easy to read and you can learn some history, too. It has a little bit of each genre (romance, action, humour...) and I think that's a good point as well.

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