Friday, 20 July 2012

Susan HILL, The Woman in Black, Macmillan Readers (2008), A2, 1300 Headwords,
By Lucia Marin 1º Bachillerato B, EFL
Arthur Kipps attended Alice Drablow’s funeral to sort out some matters in her house. At the funeral, Arthur saw a woman dressed in black. When he asked his guide, Samuel Daly, about her, he said he had not seen her. Arthur saw the woman in black again in a graveyard, but again she disappeared. He looked at Mrs Drablow’s old letters to a woman called Jennet Humprey, who had given her illegitimate son to Drablow to be looked after for her. He found out that Drablow had forbidden Jennet to see her son again, and that her son drowned in the mash while returning home. After this, Samuel told Arthur that the woman in black is Jennet Humprey’s ghost, who is seeking revenge, and that she will kill the child of anyone who sees her.
The best part for me is when Arthur discovers the letters, because I didn’t understand the story before this moment and when I read this part I started to think that it is a really interesting book.
I would recommend The Woman in Black to teenagers who like mystery and fiction and to people who have seen the film, because the book is a little bit different. I saw the film and I didn’t like it, but I like the book.

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