Friday, 27 July 2012

John BOYNE (2006), The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Definitions
By Paula Antelo, 1º Bachillerato B, EFL

Bruno is an eight year old boy. He and his family move to the countryside after his father is promoted to commandant of a Nazi concentration camp. His wife and offspring do not know too much about his job. Bruno is only allowed to play in the garden of their house.
But one day he disobeys his parents, treks through the woods, and finds an isolated field, which he believes to be a farm. There, he meets Shamuel. Throughout the story, they become really good friends, and Shamuel tells him that some time ago, he and his familiy were forced to go there and wear a striped pyjamas, but he doesn´t know why.
Another day, Shamuel tells Bruno that his father is missing, and as Bruno always dreamt of being an explorer, decides to help his friend. But they do not realize how this adventure would end.
The part I liked the best is when Bruno’s mother discovers her husband’s job, and decides to leave the house. But then, she realizes that her son is missing. Bruno is in the Nazi concentration camp helping Shamuel to find his father. They are both wearing a striped pyjamas…
This is the part I really liked the most because, just before the story finishes, they both say that they are best friends, and that they can always count on each other.
This is absolutely one of my favourite books. I love the way the writer tells the story, every moment, every feeling. I also find it so easy to read and understand. You can learn many things from the story as well, because it is something which happened in the past.
People of all ages could read this book, in my opinion. It is worth it. Absolutely. It is definitely not a waste of money or time.
If you also want to see the film, go to:

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