Saturday, 28 July 2012

Suzanne COLLINS (2009), The Hunger Games, Scholastic.
By Benjamin Simon, 2º E.S.O. A
The story is about a game called The Hunger Games. It is a celebration by 12 districts, they have to choose a boy and a girl from each district and then they are sent to a field to kill each other. When the people arrive at district 12, Katniss’s sister was selected but Katniss shouted out that she would volunteer for her sister. So, she and Peter (the boy selected from district 12) went together to the Hunger Games. Throughout the games they pretended to be in love. At the end of the games Peter and Katniss won the Hunger Games and then they were actually in love.
I recommend this book to ages ten and higher because it has some difficult words and there is strong violence throughout.

This book has been recommended before. See 23rd April (two posts)

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