Tuesday, 24 July 2012

L.J SMITH (1991), The Vampire Diaries (The Awakening), Harper Paperbacks
By Patricia Bonelo, 1º Bachillerato B, EFL
The story is basically about a girl called Elena Gilbert who falls in love with Stefan Salvatore, who is the new citizen of Fells Church, the town where the story takes place. At first she doesn’t know who Stefan actually is, but finally she discovers he is a vampire. While their love-story develops, Stefan’s brother appears in the town to make Stefan’s life harder than it already is, but he also falls in love with Elena and a fight for Elena’s love starts between the two brothers. Meanwhile, Elena discovers that she looks exactly alike another vampire called Katherine. Katherine existed hundreds of years before, and she was the one who turned the two brothers into vampires. The two brothers also fought for Katherine’s love.
The main theme is the unconditional and the dangerous love between a vampire and a human.
The part I liked the best is when Elena discovers she looks exactly like Katherine, a vampire who was the old love of the two brothers and turned them into vampires to make their love fight endless. Then, she tries to convince Damon she is not Katherine, and she is in love with Stefan. I liked this part the most because I couldn’t stop reading until it ended.
I would recommend this book to teenagers who like horror stories, because the characters are also teenagers, and it is a fiction book based on vampires

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