Sunday, 15 July 2012

Edgar Allan POE, “The Fall of the House of Usher”, in Selected Tales, Oxford World's Classics
By Lara Lema, 2º E.S.O. A

Usher is a young but ill man. He has this illness that makes you sensible to the light, touch… He thinks he’s going to die soon, so he contacts the narrator, his friend, to go and visit him. And so he does: the narrator visits Usher and his sister Madeline.
One day Usher’s sister starts to have convulsions and seems to have died, so Usher asks the narrator if he can help him to go and bury Madeline. Later in the night, they are reading horror stories and Usher feels they have buried her alive. Suddenly she opens the door and Usher, in shock, falls to the floor. And to know what happens until the narrator goes home, you´ll have to read the story.
I recommend it to people who like horror stories.

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