Saturday, 2 June 2012

Suzanne COLLINS (2009), Catching Fire,
By Pablo Manning Sánchez,  2º A,  E.S.O.
This is the second book in the trilogy called The Hunger Games. In this book Katniss and Peta find themselves in the arena for a second time with winners from the previous years. Katniss and Peta form an alliance with several contestants. Also, something very interesting happens.... but you will have to read the book to find out.
The genre of this book is sci-fi, adventure. Also, this book has many themes that the first book has, such as love between the main characters and teamwork in the arena to stay alive. And, of course, the suspense between the Districts and Capitol.
Hamitch is more of a main character in this book because he helps both Katniss and Peeta stay alive and plays a big role into the rebellion. He is a lonely bachelor who finds comfort in being drunk most of the trilogy, but when he is not drunk or asleep he proves to be a great help to everyone. Basically he is lazy and irresponsible but sometimes can be a good friend and helpful and also develops throughout the trilogy to better.
The second character I’m going to analyse is Finnik. Finnik is introduced to us in the second book and he has a less important role. He is described to be a very handsome and charming man. He turns out to be a powerful ally in the arena saving Peeta and everyone’s life many times. He develops into a lovely and powerful person in the trilogy.
The part I liked the most was when Katniss and her alliance get ambushed by the carers at the cornucopia. I found this part very nerve racking and thrilling because you don’t know what will happen.
I would recommend this book to 10 and over because I think the story is appropriate for nearly all age groups and is very well written. I think this is a very good book with good moments and heart stopping ones.  That’s why I would rate this book and the whole trilogy a 9/10.

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