Thursday, 28 June 2012

Malorie BLACKMAN (2010), Boys don’t cry, FSC.

By Isaac Chicaiza, 2ºESO A

Dante’s life is perfect, he’s seventeen, has the whole 
summer ahead of him, university, then a career as a journalist… But all that changes when his old girlfriend 
comes to his house with a baby telling him it’s his and suddenly his life changes forever. 

Will he take care of it? Will he keep the baby? Can he still 
go university? To find out read Boys don’t cry.

My favorite character is Dante because even though at the beginning of the story he seems reluctant to take care of 
the baby and continuously tries to get rid of the child 
(Emma), by the end of the book he accepts his 
responsibilities as a father and starts taking care of her properly.

My other favorite character is Dante’s dad, because even though he is extremely disappointed with his son, he tells 
him how to take care of Emma, he is very wise and teaches Dante a lot about childcare.
At the beginning of the book the relationship between Dante and his dad is very 
awkward because Dante doesn’t really feel appreciated by his dad but as the story progresses they start to improve their frosty relationship, especially at the end as
they all celebrate Emma’s fist birthday.

I would recommend this book to people in their high teens because it talks a lot 
about relationships and how it would ruin your future if you have a child at that age.

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