Friday, 29 June 2012

Edgar Allan POE, “The Black Cat”, in Edgar Allan Poe, The Black Cat & Other  Stories Penguin Readers Level 3, 1200 Headwords, A2
By Carlota Lagoa, 2º E.S.O. EFL
The black cat talks about a man who has many animals but when he is drunk he hits them, except his favorite cat: Pluto. Until one day, when the man hit Pluto too and ended by killing it. A few days later, he found another cat like Pluto and he took him. He tried to kill the cat but his wife tried to stop him and he took the axe and …

My favourite part was when he talks about the black shape in the new white plaster, You want to know what that means so you want to read more and more. Also when he took the axe to kill the cat, and instead of killing the cat, he killed his wife and you want to know ´´why´´ he killed his wife and not the cat. Also when the police found the body of the wife and the cat was on her head, you don´t know how the cat arrived there.

It´s a book of level 3 so it´s easy to understand the vocabulary.


  1. It must be be good. He's one of the greatest writer of all time.

  2. Hey, great blog! I've read the Black Cat; it's a really good book ;)